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Meet our team of Licensed Professionals in Downtown West Palm Beach

Jessica is a professional artist who specializes in Handpoke Tattooing, Microblading/Eyebrow Shading and Event Make-up.
Jessica offers premium service to her guests, pays attention to detail, and has a great eye for what works and what doesn't. Her work is neat and tidy and she is determined to create her guest's desired outcome. Jessica gives trust and reassurance to guests who are new to her work as well as returning ones. 

Jessica currently offers Handpoke Tattooing, Microblading, Micro Shading, Powder, Ombré  Brows, Numbing Services, and Event Make-up in Downtown West Palm Beach.

Licensed and Certified Tattoo Artist

Jessica Greaves


Joanna is the proud owner of Essential Beauty LLC originally from Boston MA. She got her degree in Business Management Entrepreneurship in 2018, shortly after she got certified as a Lash Artist, fell in love with it and decided to focus all her knowledge and skills to start her business career. A year after getting certified as a Lash Artist she attended Elizabeth Grady and became an Esthetician. 
Knowing she wanted to become an entrepreneur as her parents did inspiring her to be a strong, independent woman, being grateful she wishes to inspire women to follow the
ir dreams in the beauty industry.
Essential Beauty - strong, independent and confident!

Joanna currently offers Lashes, Brow Lamination & Full Body Wax in Downtown West Palm Beach.

Licensed Esthetician.

Joanna Contreras


Miguel Olan

Miguel is a native Floridian who has proudly educated, mentor, and expanded his art skills to top barbers in the industry. He was first inspired by helping his uncle clean a barbershop in Puerto Rico at 8 years old. Miguel started his journey to becoming one of the greatest barbers at the age of 13 when he began to cut men's hair from home. He's had the pleasure of spreading his art to NBA players in OKC and hopes to continue to keep expanding his passion around the world.

Miguel specializes in all kinds of skin fades, tapers, short & medium scissor cuts, beard trimmings & shapings, hot towel shaves in Downtown West Palm Beach.

Licensed Barber.


Esmeralda Plasencia

Esmeralda was born is Mexico City, she graduated from Atlanta Beauty & Barber Academy and currently holds both Georgia & Florida State Board Licenses. Coming from a family of hairdressers she knew from a very young age that this was her passion. Her career started in 2008 as a Barber and quickly got introduced  to Cosmetology, continued her career as a Hairstylist, having a unique set of skills combining them to provide knowledge, experience, and expertise. Esmeralda has educated on stage at Hair Shows and numerous local classes in Georgia, Florida, Alabama & North Carolina. She is always learning and setting her own standards to the latest industry techniques and products.

Esmeralda specializes in both men and women haircuts, hairstyling, haircolor, tape-in extensions, festival braiding, straightening services, perms and more in Downtown West Palm Beach.

Licensed Cosmetologist



Ricardo Quintero

Ricardo was born in Bogota Colombia, raised in Queens New York exposed to cultures and art forms of all kind. As a young adult he was always interested in hair salons, traditional, and multicultural barbershops. Growing up and understanding at a young age (12) that first impressions are priority he then started practicing on friends, family, and himself. Since then he is joyful of sharing moments with all his guests. Licensed in 2006 in the state of Florida, and certified by Willy styles SMP in 2019 he has educated, participated in charity work around the nation, continuing to practice by being passionate, mindful, and aware of all men hair styles.

Ricardo specializes in Men traditional/classic, fades, skin fades, blow-outs, skin tapers, mohawks, fohawks, comb-overs, high-top fades, razor cuts, shaves, beard shaping, hot towel shaves, short & medium scissor cuts in Downtown West Palm Beach.

Licensed Barber

Certified Scalp Micropigmentation Artist


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